Sonic OZault is the brainchild of Stuart Livingston and Marty Irwin, both of whom have a wealth of experience in the composition and production of music for film, television and advertising.

At the end of 2017, Chuck Ansel took over the reigns of the catalog. Chuck comes from nearly 20 years in the production music business starting as the Controller of Killer Tracks and leaving as the Vice President of Operations. During his tenure at what later became UPPM, the business grew 10 fold. Chuck is determined to bring the same quality Stuart and Marty brought to all new releases.

Stuart was a studio musician in London moving to Australia where he continued his playing career before going into the production side of music. From 1992 – 2003 he was Managing Director of Zomba Music Publishers Australia, President/MD of BMG Zomba Production Music Asia and a board member of the Australasian Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS). During his time at Zomba, Stuart was responsible for the conception and production of hundreds of recordings for the Bruton, Chappell and FirstCom catalogues and the creation of the Just Jingles and Big Shorts series.

Marty is a musician, composer, producer, arranger and engineer, trained by his mentor, Beatles recording engineer, Richard Lush, and has studied in Los Angeles with legendary US film composer Bill Conti. Marty has produced and written songs for many popular artists and composed both commissioned and production library music for film, television and advertising. 

As well as producing commissioned themes for TV, Sonic OZault has created a production music library that is now being used extensively in all types of broadcast programming across the World. The music library is a long term plan and the recording process is ongoing. Sonic OZault prides itself on finding, developing and nurturing the talents of brilliant young composers and employing top flight session musicians to deliver the highest quality new music that sounds like the best commercial album recordings, and often better!

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